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The town of Terezine is only an hour's bus ride from Prague, Czech Republic; yet it is a concentration camp,Terezienstadt Ghetto. The fortress of Terezín in the north-west region of Bohemia was constructed between the years 1780 and 1790 and it served, as a Nazi concentration camp, during World War II.

In the spring of 1942, the Nazis expelled the 7,000 non-Jewish Czechs living in Terezín, and closed off the town. Following they established a ghetto and concentration camp in Terezin. The vast majority of Czech Jews who were taken to Terezin, 97,297 died among whom were 15,000 children Only 132 of those children were known to have survived.

Despite the terrible living conditions, Terezin was the only concentration camp in which religious life and cultural life was practiced. Activities in Terezin included thousands of professional and amateur artists, their concerts, theatrical performances, artworks, poetry readings, and above all the composition of musical works.

Door Number 17 is the entrance to a tunnel which goes through the old fortifications on the north side of the Small Fortress to the former military firing range which was used by the Nazis for executions.

Tunnel Entrance at Theresienstadt Ghetto

The symbolism of this gate beeing the only one of its kind, unlike anything else is a deep esoteric insight to visual comprehension of philosophers, gnostics, mystics and sacred geometry.

The symbolism of the Divine Proportion. The experience of knowledge, “Logos”.

The golden mean ϕ

The symbolism of the Vesica Piscis. The geometrical equality of gods. Vesica Piscis

The symbolism of the Flower of life. Primary geometrical pattern of the universe.

The Flower of life

The symbolism of the Tree of life. The true nature and the celestial origin of the humanity the astral spheres. “The Tree of life”

The symbolism of the Seal of Solomon. Reconciliation of opposites: The mythopoeic matrix of imagination of kosmos. The Seal of Solomon

The symbolism of the Star Tetrahedron. The Mer-Ka-Ba geometries: Source of all geometric fields araound the body. Star Tetrahedron

The symbolism of the Cube. The first and last mysteries: Alpha and Omega. The Cube

The symbolism of the Tetraktys. The ordered world: The matrix of creation. Tetraktys

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