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PhD. Theses



1. Müge Ensari Özay (2005)


Predicting the environmental toxicological properties of benzene derivatives based on the density domain approach. 


2. Ayşe Neren Ökte (1999)


TiO2 semiconductor photodegradation of substituted resorcinols: kinetic and mechanistic studies.


3. Durata Ertek,(Hacıu) (1992)


Heterogeneous photocatalytic elimination of metal ions.


4. Nazlı Arlette İtken (1992)


Photolysis of perfluoropropionic anhydride at 147nm. 


5. Neylan Dirilgen (1991)


Heavy metal toxicity and metal pair interactions to Lemna minor (common duckweed).


6. İnci İşli (1990)


Statistical analyses of air pollution and meteorological data in İstanbul.


7. Melek Türker Saçan (1990)


Environmental distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls by topology based characteristic root index.

8. Işıl Akmehmet ( 1990)


Heterogeneous photocatalytic oxidation of organic compounds by TiO2.


9. Nilsun İnce (1987)


Determination of volatilization rates of organic pollutants correlation of rate coefficients with 

physico chemical properties. 


10. G. Feryal Menemenli (1987)


Valance molecular connectivity model in the prediction of compartmental distribution of selected aromatic pollutants. 


11. Zekiye Çınar (1987)


A theoretical investigation of the vacuum-UV photolysis of carbon suboxide with trifluoromethane. 


12. Aviyente, Viktorya (1983)


An investigation of the carbon-carbon bond rupture in fluoroethanes by RRKM theory.




Master Theses



1. Serli Önlü (2008) 


A DFT study of the four-center HF eliminations from fluoroethylenes: transition state and charge analysis along the IRC.


2. Bülent Akgün (2001) 


Hardness profiles and density domain analysis of polythiophene oligomers.


3.  Ayşe Neren Ökte (1994)


Photocatalytic degradation of phthalic anhydride and dicarboxylic acids.


4. Parisa Deljoui Rakshandeh (Bazargan) (1993)


Heterogeneous photocatalytic activity of transition-metal cation impregnated TiO2.


5. Semra Baysan (1991)


The predicted environmental distribution of selected flame retardant chemicals.


6. İrem Nazan Tuksavul (1989)


Adsorption of heavy metals on soil.


7. Reyhan İşeri (1986)


The predicted environmental distribution of substituted benzene derivatives.


8. Feryal Menemenli (1980)


A theoretical approach to the evaluation of the rate and the transition state parameters

of the gas-phase methathetical reaction of difluoroamino radicals. 


9. Nilsun İnce (1979)


A theoretical approach to the evaluation of the activation energies of the gas phase addition reactions of difluoroamine with olefins.


10. Mine Atalay (1979)


The investigation of the biological activity of selected C6-compounds on crayfish "astacus leptodactylus" by bioelectric action potential. 


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